Mercer County
Sheriff's Office
The original Mercer County Jail at this location opened in 1989
and has a total capacity of 30. The recently completed addition
houses an additional 72 inmates making the total inmate
capacity 102. The jail houses all sentenced and arrested county
inmates as well as federal inmates in transit or awaiting trial
he jail is one of the Sheriff's Office's primary functions and is
required by the Illinois State Constitution.  The current
supervisor of the correctional staff is Chief of Corrections Z
who has been with the Sheriff's Office since 2011.  
Chief D
evlin oversees a diverse staff of correctional officers,
medical personnel and specializations including fi
eld training
officers.   Officers assigned to the jail perform a number of
essential tasks including booking of arrested persons, inmate
medical screenings, inmate transport, court security and
shakedowns and cell checks.  Please feel free to contact us
directly if you are unable to find what you are looking for on
this page.

Bonding fee $42.00

Visitation  Information:    (No Visitor List Needed)

Inmates are only allowed one visit per day, but can have one
visit each day. The visitation hours are as described below.

A person who has been released from jail custody within the
previous 6 months will not be allowed to visit an inmate in this

Visitation ends at 8:00pm and 1:00pm on the respective day, the
visitor must be signed in at least 30 minutes prior to the end of
visitation or the visit will be denied.

Staff reserves the right to cancel any or all visits due to
extenuating circumstances, abuse of visitation or violations of
policy that occur during visits. Staff will do everything possible
to make sure this does not happen. Please conduct yourself
according to policy so as not to lose this privilege.

Please print the names of visitors and the inmate you wish to
visit along with date of birth clearly so that it can be read.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday:
3:00pm to 8:00pm

9:00am to 1:00pm

All visitors must be at least 18 years of age and must present
valid state issued ID. There is a 2 adult maximum per visit,
children are allowed  to visit alongside their parent or guardian.  
All visitors must also adhere to the following dress code:

  • Shirt and shoes at all times
  • No revealing clothing
  • No gang related clothing
  • No hats or other headgear (other than religious)

No items may be dropped off at the jail for inmates.

No food or drinks allowed inside visitation room.

Inmate mail can be sent to the following address:

Inmate Name
c/o Mercer County Jail
906 SW 3rd St.
Aledo, IL  61231

Inmate Banking

Money can be put on an inmate's account online or over the
phone.  The Mercer County Sheriff's Office has contracted
Access Secure Deposits to handle inmate money deposits. You
must register with Access Secure Deposits to use the system.
Inmate I D number and birth date are used to make these
deposits, get this information from the inmate.

Call 866-345-1884 or simply click on the Access Secure
link on the left side of this page   
Mercer County Sheriff's Office - 906 SW 3rd St, Aledo, IL  61231 - (309) 582-5194
Jail Info

Remote Bail Service

GovPayNet is the simple way to post bail over the
telephone or online. Call 1-877-EZBAIL5 (392-2455)  or
click the link below. Mercer County Jail's "Pay
Location Code" (PLC) is 4113
DOC Jail Inspection Reports
Click the link below to view the full report